With rapid change and the increasing demands made on NHS trusts, boards play an integral role in providing an appropriate lead and enabling their staff to deliver their roles effectively within the organisation. The need for executive and non-executive directors to work seamlessly together has been thrown into sharp focus. In many cases the goal of achieving Foundation status creates an added incentive for boards to ensure they are fully aligned with the users needs.

In response to these needs, RFL has created a specialist Board Development programme which helps NHS bodies and trusts:

  • Identify their ideal range of capabilities to deliver their objectives.

  • Recognise where there are gaps in these capabilities.

  • Assess how the board is performing.

  • Focus on board personalities and make the most of the board dynamics.

  • Maximise team working.

  • Minimise team conflict.

  • Develop individual personal development plans.

  • Transform vision into an effective strategy.

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